Melon And Cheese Kit Kat Is The Worst Snack Ever Invented

Melon and cheese kit kat

Why Japan, why?

Japan is a country that is well known for their mad food combinations. Like, did you see that fried chicken flavoured ice cream they pumped out recently? Who even buys that shit?

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This time Japan has decided to bastardise the one and only Kit Kat by making a cheese and melon flavour. Yeah, that’s right. They’ve taken a classic 70s starter and incorporated it into the outer part of what used to be a really nice chocolate bar. Just why?

The new ‘Hokkaido Melon with Mascarpone Cheese’ Kit Kat is apparently only sold exclusively at some of the major airports in the country, so thankfully it hasn’t made it big time yet. It’s made with genuine melon and mascarpone cheese powder, sandwiched between wafers and then covered in white chocolate. Gross.

As part of this mad, Kit Kat airport collection, there’s also a ‘Japanese Strawberry’ and ‘Uji Matcha’ edition. As disgusting as they sound, they’d make pretty good novelty presents, particularly if you’d done the classic and forgot to buy anything while actually in the country and could only make time for a quick airport pick up.

Green tea kit kat

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Seriously though, I know this sounds totally gross, but you’ve got to love Japan for not giving a fuck and just going for the food combinations that only a sweet-toothed five-year-old would think of. For more of the same, check out these absolutely mental Japanese fast food items.


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