Teacher Accused Of Prom Night Sex With Pupil After He Drank ‘Wine, Rum And Shots’ Named



A PE teacher is being investigated by the General Teaching Council of Scotland for having sex with a former pupil, even though the pupil, who was 18 at the time, has no issue with what happened whatsoever.

Melissa Tweedie, who was 23 at the time, is accused of partying with pupils at the SWG3 nightclub in Glasgow before heading back to a Premier Hotel in June 2017.

She allegedly slept with the former student, known only as Pupil A, who gave evidence relating to the list of allegations, reports Glasgow Live.

Tweedie, who worked as a PE teacher at Gleniffer High School in Paisley, danced ‘inappropriately’ with students before having sex with the boy in a hotel room.

The pupil told the hearing today he “felt sorry” that Miss Tweedie, now 27, is being investigated over the event.

He claims Miss Tweedie, who now lives in Dubai and works as a yoga teacher, stayed the night in the room before leaving at around 8am the following day:

We had no dealings prior to the prom. There were no relations before. Miss Tweedie was sat at our table. Miss Tweedie was not drinking at the table, I was.

I did not invite Miss Tweedie to the hotel. I don’t know how she got there.

Pupil A said he entered a hotel room in the Premier Inn where he found nine pupils and Miss Tweedie. Then, following a noise complaint…

Me and Miss Tweedie were the only two left in the room. We kissed, no one initiated it. We went downstairs and had sex in my room. She stayed the night and we both left at eight.

I feel really sorry for Miss Tweedie, I had already handed in my leavers form. In my eyes it wasn’t a student event. This could have happened on a night out.

Indeed, he’d already handed in his leavers form – so he technically was not a student and she was technically not his teacher! Plus, he was completely bladdered:

I had a lot, It was my prom.

I might have had three or four pints, then a bottle of wine, then onto spirits, maybe a couple of rums and there were shots in between.

Pupil A made it categorically clear to the panel that shagging his hot former PE teacher wasn’t an issue he would have raised if left up to him…

In my eyes this was an issue involving only two parties. This wasn’t an issue raised by any party. When do I get to raise my feelings about what happened?

In my eyes it was not an issue I wanted to raise. It was an issue that people wanted to raise for me. I have never been asked how I feel about it.

Miss Tweedie, who was not present at the hearing, is alleged to have had drunk shots before telling pupils:

Can we for a minute act like I’m not a teacher?

When another pupil stumbled across Tweedie in bed with Pupil A, she said:

Technically I haven’t touched him yet.

Miss Tweedie faces being struck off the register by the General Teaching Council for Scotland following the allegations. Which I don’t think she’ll be too fussed about because it sounds like she has a new life in Dubai as a yoga teacher.

In fact this all sounds like a total waste of everybody’s time given it happened way back in 2017, there were no victims, those involved were technically not student/teacher anymore, and even Police Scotland found that ‘no criminality had taken place’. I guess the General Teaching Council has to do what it has to do though. The hearing continues…

For the first grade teacher who was arrested after trying to buy an 8-ball of meth while teaching class, click HERE. Fair enough really.



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