A Megarich Family Will Pay You £70,000 To Mind Their Homes In New York And Switzerland

Not bad.

Everyone is always looking fora  job that gives them the most amount of satisfaction and money for the least amount of effort and it looks like we might have found the ultimate one out there thanks to this incredible sounding job listing.

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The job will pay you £70,000 a year to basically look after a family in their two homes in Switzerland and midtown New York City. You’ll receive an ensuite room in both of their residences and your tasks will include preparing food, driving, running the houses and generally taking care of whatever the family needs. The preferred candidate should be ‘the ideal candidate will have some experience of high-end service and be tech savvy, presentable and child-friendly’.

Yeah I’m not sure if that job does sound as good as I first thought when I saw it. Sure, you’re getting paid £70,000 a year and you get free accommodation, but it does sound like you’re going to be working a hell of a lot and probably during unsociable hours as well. Kinda sounds like you’re gonna be working 24/7 too and won’t really get to have your own life, so I think it’s gonna be a no from me. Better luck next time.

If you think it sounds like the job for you then you can apply here. Maybe take a look at this job that pays you to sit around drinking gin all day first though?


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