Megan Rapinoe Called An ‘Arrogant Piece Of Work’ For The Way She Signs This Kid’s Football

What’s this all about?

First of all, congrats to the US women’s football team for their World Cup victory, which was well deserved despite Alex Morgan’s tea-drinking celebrations that triggered the whole of England to no end. 

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Top trolling to be fair.

The US player who seems to be getting most of the attention though is Megan Rapinoe, who has been unbelievably gassed up off her own fumes since the American girls won the trophy. 

Here’s one example:

What’s attracted the most criticism though is this clip from the other day in which she signs a young fan’s ball without even looking at him or acknowledging him once:

Wow, a real heartfelt connection there. Feeling herself a little too much I think. Here was the general reaction on Twitter:

Piers Morgan even called her an 'arrogant piece of work', which is pretty ironic but still - he's not wrong on this evidence.

Then again Megan Rapinoe is currently ahead of Donald Trump in one 2020 Presidential poll, so I guess somebody out there likes her.


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