Love Island Megan’s Softcore Porn Past Exposed As She Simulates Sex With Inflatable Duck

Now that’s talent.

This may come as a bit of a shock, but at least one of the participants on this year’s Love Island have been paid to get nude on camera before.

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That would be Megan Barton Hanson, who has been wreaking havoc on the show thanks to her Eyal/Dr Alex love triangle.

Turns out the young lass has previously starred in a softcore film which you can easily find on the usual sites. In it, she goes topless and simulates sex with an inflatable duck. As you do.

We can’t share the video, but here are some stills to give you some idea. Journalism, baby:

Her talents don’t end there though. Here’s a bonus video of Megan twerking in a supermarket before spilling boxes of cereal everywhere:

She recently had a go at fellow Love Island contestant Georgia for always wanting to be the “centre of attention”. Pot, kettle, blickety black?

To find out how much the cast of Love Island are being paid to star in the show this year, click HERE.


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