Love Island’s Megan Is Giving Away Sex Toys To Kill Boredom In Coronavirus Lockdown

A hero emerges.

One of the positive aspects of the coronavirus era is that we’re getting to see who the true heroes of society are – NHS workers, supermarket workers, and of course people like Megan Barton-Hanson off Love Island.

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Not only is Megan giving away sex toys to the public, she’s also offering tips on how to use them and highlighting the importance of lube and wipes. Essential information in these trying times.

And of course lube, you’re going to need it stuck inside these few weeks, plus wipes to keep everything clean and hygienic.

Are you going to argue with that? Of course not – Megan’s an expert.

So summarise – wank (with lube) and clean up. A simple yet effective reminder from someone who knows best. Consider it a lesson in sex safety during this period of coronavirus lockdown. I’m just doing my own bit to help by making sure you’re aware of it.

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