Meek Mill Is Refusing To Pay The Deposit After He Trashed Justin Bieber’s Glass House – Check Out The Damage

Justin Bieber Tough

He invited a bunch of rival gangs who ended up fighting and destroying the place.

Following on from yesterday’s news that a bunch of rival gangs had trashed Justin Bieber’s house at the post Grammys bash that Meek Mill had been throwing there, the plot has thickened with Meek Mill stating that the house categorically wasn’t trashed and now going to war over the $10K deposit. Trouble is, the pictures tell a different story.

Meek has already got his attorneyRichard Joseph involved, who states that although there was some damage – a minor window crack and some scuffs on the walls – there is absolutely nothing wrong with the house that would lead to it being described as ‘trashed’. However, good old TMZ got a hold of a few pictures of the place that would seem to confirm that it was a complete war zone, with the following damage being reported:

– a kicked in door with shattered windows

– dead landscaping

– broken glass in the pool

– destroyed furniture and cigarette smoke damage

Joseph has pointed out that none of this damage was made known to him – good one mate, maybe you should visit the scene of the crime and take stock of it yourself before going to court to plead your case – and also that the leasing company never discussed the idea of them witholding the deposit if the place was damaged. That’s kind of ridiculous because even I know what the function of a damage deposit is i.e. if you damage the place and are refusing to pay for it then the landlord just keeps it.

Hilariously, it’s actually Joseph’s name on the lease and not Mill’s, so he’s probably screwing about the $10K because Mill probably made him put that up as well, because let’s face it he does sound like a bitch of a lawyer doesn’t he? Unfortunately it seems like Bieber has washed his hands of the place so the dispute is solely between Mill and the leaseholders. It looks like it’s going to get a hell of a lot worse too for them, because apparently they’re still calculating the damage and intend to seek compensation.

The lesson of the story: don’t invite two rival gangs to your party and expect to not have to face the consequences. You can check out some of the damage on the following slideshow but to be honest it is kind of lame when it all comes down to it, considering that two rival gangs are have alleged to have had a war there. It’s impressive they managed to break a gate and a gazebo though, I’ll give them that. Use your arrow keys/slide on mobile to view the images.

Destroyed Moulding

Bieber House Meek Mill Damage 1

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