Medical Experts Warn Dry January Is Making Us All Alcoholics

Better get to the pub, stat.

Medical experts are warning that ‘Dry January’ is actually doing more harm than good because it sends mixed messages about safe drinking.

Loads of people in the UK are taking part in the booze-free campaign run by Alcohol Concern to try and curb the damage done by Christmas indulgence, especially since new guidelines came out saying that we shouldn’t really be drinking more than one pint per day.


Yet according to health lecturer, Ian Hamilton, people are more likely to end up binge drinking even harder once the month is up.

He said:

Dry January risks sending out a binary, all or nothing, message about alcohol — that is, either participate by abstaining or carry on as you are.

This could in turn encourage people to ignore the need to take regular breaks from drinking alcohol, and instead return to hazardous levels of consumption till next New Year’s Day because they have had a month off.

Hamilton added that heavy drinkers who stop suddenly might get seizures.


There you have it. Not only is Dry January a terrible idea (this month is hard enough as it is), it might actually make you have an even unhealthier relationship with alcohol.

So go on, crack open the champers. Just remember, everything in moderation. After all, you don’t want to end up like this guy.


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