Medal Of Honour Recipient Dakota Meyer Challenges Dan Bilzerian To A Fight

Meyer Bilzerian

The must see PPV event of the year.

Last week nobody had really heard of the name Dakota Meyer – especially in this country – but now he’s the talk of the town after calling out Dan Bilzerian for his actions during the Vegas shooting and it looks as though we could have an even more bizarre Conor McGregor/Floyd Mayweather situation on our hands.

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I honestly thought after Bilzerian labelled Meyer a retard that we would be done with this stupid beef, but Meyer has decided to take things up a notch by challenging Bilzerian to a full on fight. Apparently the situation escalated when Bilzerian leaked Meyer’s wife’s – Sarah Palin’s sister Bristol – phone number and a number of his followers started pranking her and FaceTiming her.

This pissed Meyer off and he posted the following video to Instagram as a response, offering to kick the shit out of Btlzerian any time and any place:

Here @danbilzerian I’m done with your petty games. Don’t ever drag my family into anything. I’m waiting

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Wow. Things got serious there didn’t they there?

Dan is yet to respond but if both of them were smart they would turn this into a boxing match/MMA fight on PPV and donate all the money raised to the victims of the Las Vegas shooting. I’m going to bet that neither of them are that smart or safe though and instead we’ll probably see a lame video of one of them sucker punching the other in a car park real soon before it’s broken up in super quick time by members of their respective entourages. You heard it here first.

For more Dan Bilzerian, check out these pictures of him growing up where he looks like a complete an utter loser. Maybe Meyer should start flaunting those around.


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