‘Meatwreck’ Is The Most Disturbing Instagram Page Ever


Beautiful and hideous all at the same time.

Ever wondered what a Lars von Trier movie would look like if it were an Instagram account? I’m sure you think about it all the time.

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Well now you no longer have to wonder, as this Instagram page called ‘Meatwreck’ has created a series of artistic images that trigger the same sense of uneasiness that you’ll get from watching ‘Antichrist’ for the first time.

LA Artists Mitra Saboury and Derek Paul Boyle together post insane images and videos involving grotesque depictions of meat, the human body and general absurdities that are sure to leave you feeling uncomfortable:

Weird and yet also oddly beautiful. For more against the grain Instagram pages, check out this genderless nipple account that aims to challenge Insta’s female nipple ban.


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