McDonald’s Staff Throw Surprise Birthday Party For 93-Year-Old Widower Who Eats Alone Daily

Harry Scott McDonald's

Nice story of the day coming from McDonald’s

This is lovely, and should hopefully put some of your faith back in the McDonald’s workers of this world; especially after this video emerged of a McDonald’s employee throwing water in the face of a homeless man.

The uplifting story comes after some delightful McDonald’s staff threw a surprise birthday party for a 93-year-old, who eats at their restaurant alone almost every day. The man, named Harry Scott, has been visiting the McDonald’s in Workington, Cumbria, at least six days a week since 2013.

Harry lost his wife Martha six years ago, and with no children, he soon became very lonely.

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However since becoming a regular at his local MaccyD’s, Harry has found a sense of community and companionship that has otherwise been lacking following the death of his wife, as he explained:

The kids who come in here are mine as I don’t have any of my own. It’s company for me.

So when his 93rd birthday came around, the staff wanted to do something special. They put up banners and balloons around Harry’s usual table, gave him with whiskey and shortbread, and of course, his usual Happy Meal was on the house. In fact, staff told him that he can have his Happy Meals for free from now on. Very generous indeed.

A grateful Harry exclaimed:

When they threw the surprise party I had to wipe my eyes.

McDonald’s worker, Jack Holliday, said:

He’s a one-off. We get regular customers but he’s one that stands out.

He’s bubbly and full of life, especially for a 93-year-old.

Want more faith restoring stories involving food? Look no further than this video of a homeless veteran being reduced to tears when someone offers him lunch. Very moving.



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