McDonald’s Has Separated Its Iconic Arches Worldwide To Encourage Social Distancing


I think if there’s one phrase that’s been uttered by the embittered populace of the world over the last couple of days then it’s ‘not enough has been done to promote social distancing’, but McDonald’s have come out with an absolutely fantastic way to encourage it by separating their iconic arches in most of their logos worldwide.

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There aren’t too many iconic company logos other than the Golden Arches, so to see them separated will hopefully be the kick up the ass that people all over the world need to take this whole Coronavirus pandemic seriously and stop going to the beach or whatever. The logo and videos have been popping up in places as diverse as Brazil and India, as you can see below:

Gotta hand it to McDonald’s with this campaign. I never thought we would need to look to the Golden Arches for direction during this trying time, but it might just take the actions of the biggest fast food chain on the planet to finally get people to listen.

They’ve certainly got the audience if nothing else, as proven by all these idiots queuing up at drive thrus all over the UK before they shut down for a while on Monday. Madness.


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