Looks Like McDonald’s Is Rolling Out The McDelivery


They’ve joined the delivery revolution.

I’m sure there have been countless times when you’ve been hungover and all you really want is some chicken McNuggets or a Big Mac, but there’s just no way you’re getting up and driving to McDonald’s to get them.

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Well that might not be a problem anymore because your prayers have been answered with the arrival of McDelivery. Yes, it seems like the world’s best loved fast food restaurant is finally getting on board with the delivery revolution a few years too late by introducing its own delivery service.

McDonald's Burger

Of course, this isn’t being trialled in the UK but instead New Zealand. Great. Even more annoyingly, it’s apparently already been available in Australia for a while and the verdict isn’t that good – the food is cold, late and there was a $25 minimum order which is kinda useless unless you’re ordering for your whole family.

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Hopefully all those kinks will be sorted out by the time it rolls out in New Zealand though, and then it will only be a matter of time before we see the service over here in the UK.

In the meantime, let’s hope this high speed weed delivery company gets off the ground.


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