McDonald’s Releases Statement Amid Rumours Of Stores Re-Opening In Mid May

Bring the Golden Arches back to me.

One oft he weirdest aspects of lockdown has been that loads of local restaurants and takeaways have remained open, but that big chains like McDonald’s, Greggs and KFC have all closed their doors.

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Whilst most of them have revealed some of their plans to re-open branches for takeaway and delivery, McDonald’s have been curious by their absence as they’ve failed to address the situation in any way really. Rumours were flying around the internet today though that the Golden Arches would be re-opening in the middle of May which has forced them to release the following statement.

Not good news I’m afraid:

Damn. Really kinda surprised that McDonald’s aren’t more on it with re-opening because they’re literally the most capitalist and corporate fast food restaurant out there, but that’s Coronavirus for you I guess.

I’m not that upset because I prefer to eat local anyway, but it seems like there are a whole bunch of people out there who are completely screwing about not being able to get their McDonald’s fix. Check out these three hour queues when they reopened over in France. Royale with cheese please.


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