McDonald’s Have Released An Oreo And Spam Burger In China

Merry Christmas.

Christmas is looking like it’s well and truly cancelled in this country after the Tier Four announcements over the weekend and rumours that there’s going to be a shortage of food thanks to the border closing, so let’s check out this new culinary delight from McDonald’s over in China to try and take our minds off just how bad things have become.

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I’m going out on a limb here and saying that a combination of an Oreo cookie and a piece of Spam doesn’t do appeal to me at all – in fact it sounds pretty rancid to be honest – and assume that most people over here are probably going to feel the same way. However, it’s a different story in China where there are going to be 400,000 of these produced featuring two blocks of Spam and some crumbled Oreo cookies on top of them in between two pieces of bun that also appears to have been drenched in mayonnaise. Like it really needs anything else on top of that to make it even worse?

Totally not convinced by this limited edition Christmas treat from Chinese McDonald’s, but the online reaction surprisingly seems decidedly mixed. Just kidding – it’s almost universally awful but a couple of people have tried to defend it:

Think those last two hit the nail on the head really? Just why are McDonald’s china selling something that literally looks like it was made up of all the leftovers in someone’s cupboard?

Part of me kinda thinks that this has just been created to stump up engagement and get people talking, but then I think that a brand like McDonald’s has literally no need or reason to pull a stunt like this so it must be real?

Well and truly baffled and would love to see what one of these actually looks like in reality because we all know McDonald’s burgers look so much better in their pictures compared to when you receive them. Please send in your pictures if they exist.

Back to Brexit, Tier Four and lack of a Christmas panic now, but thanks for the distraction McDonald’s China. I’m lovin’ it.

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