McDonald’s Has Finally Opened A Restaurant That Serves Unlimited Fries

McDonald's Fries

Dreams can come true.

Although McDonald’s might not do the best fries out of the classic fast food restaurants out there, there’s certainly something about them that instantly makes you want more after you’ve finished them – I guess just due to that salty flavour they effuse.

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Well, that might be a problem of the past if a new McDonald’s that just opened in Saint Joseph, Missouri is anything to go by, as the restaurant is currently offering unlimited fries to celebrate their arrival in the town. Can you imagine? Just sitting in McDonald’s, getting servings of fries over and over again until you literally couldn’t eat any more – I can’t even think about how long that would take.

The McDonald’s opening was such big news in the small town that they even got a TV Crew down to report on it. Here are a couple of quick videos – they’ve also got some supercool futuristic ordering screens:

Kinda crazy that the opening of a McDonald’s could garner so much attention, but I guess this is what it’s like living in a sleepy town in the Midwest. Although to be fair, unlimited fries is probably enough to get anyone up and off their ass and straight to McDonald’s.

I’d like to think that they would wheel this promotion out worldwide, but it seems like the kind of idea that might bankrupt them considering how many fatasses love stuffing their faces with McDonald’s fries. It would be good to indulge in them like once a year or something though. Or at least have the option.

At least we’ve got the chance of getting those delicious garlic fries sometime soon though.


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