McDonald’s Is Now Selling Chicken Nugget Christmas Decorations

Chickne nugget Buable

Deck the halls with boughs of nuggets.

Christmas is a time for extravagance and outlandishness every year but it really seems like people have gone to extremes this year with some of their ideas, and these new Christmas decorations from McDonald’s are great examples of this.

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I get that people really love chicken nuggets, but does anyone actually wanna decorate their Christmas tree with the little critters, especially when you can’t even eat them? Apparently McDonald’s thinks that this is a viable Christmas option and so have decided to make a whole range of chicken nugget themed decorations, including baubles and fairy lights.

Here’s what Ben Fox, the marketing director for the Golden Arches, had to say about the new Christmas products:

Our new Reindeer Ready campaign aims to remind customers that we are there when they need us at this time of year – from a Christmas shopping coffee break to a pre-party burger or even a mid-present delivery carrot stop.

Nugget Lights

Yeah, I suppose he’s right because you do generally stop thinking about McDonald’s at Christmas don’t you? You’re too busy thinking about pigs in blankets and Christmas drinks and Secret Santa and all the other crap that comes along with it. Maybe McDonald’s are onto something with this after all?

Or more likely it’s a completely ridiculous idea because if you went round to someone’s house and saw their tree covered in chicken nuggets you would think they were somewhere between a psychopath and a baby? That’s definitely the impression you’re gonna get of anyone parading this cheap tack around. It’s the kind of thing that’s funny for about a second and then becomes worrying. Deeply worrying.

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