Here’s How Your McDonald’s McRib Is Made

McDonald's McRibs How It's Made

Spoiler alert – it’s disgusting.

As part of their continuing series trying to encourage people that their food isn’t absolutely completely and utterly rank factory farmed crap, McDonald’s have added to their expose on their burgers and nuggets by now taking a look at the McRib. I’m not even sure if the McRib is even available over here any more – I don’t eat at McDonald’s, are you crazy? – but even so I think it’s an important educational video that people should be looking at.

It follows the format of the burger one with that guy from Mythbusters and some weird guy dressed like Brother Mouzone from The Wire who tweeted a gross looking picture of a McRib goes to the factory to see how they’re made. Of course, because McDonald’s is making this video you don’t actually get to see the inevitably disgusting conditions that the pigs (if you can call them that) are kept in before they’re turned into McRibs, but just the manufacturing process.

Even this looks fairly rank though as you get to see actual pork (that admittedly doesn’t look that rank) get deboned and then put into the machine that makes them into those weird patties that look like ribs but don’t actually contain any ribs.

Basically, these videos aren’t making me think about visiting McDonald’s again anytime soon.


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