McDonald’s Is Launching Its Hottest Ever Burger In The UK

Think this will be any good?

Football might be coming home on Sunday, but McDonald’s are also bringing their hottest ever burger to our island from the 14th July next week.

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The McSpicy literally does what it says on the tin, consisting of a chicken fillet with a spicy coating served on a bed of lettuce with cooling mayo between toasted sesame seed buns. Here’s what McDonald’s have to say about the new menu item:

After months of lockdown, McDonald’s is here to spice up your summer (quite literally) with its HOTTEST burger yet…

Now, McDonald’s knows that spice is subjective. Some will be reaching for a glass of milk whilst shouting: ‘My mouth is on FIRE’, while others may think the McSpicy has just ‘a lil’ kick’ to it.

Whatever you think, McDonald’s is encouraging the nation to head online to join the #McSpicyDebate on social by answering ‘How McSpicy is it for you?

Yeah to be honest that doesn’t sound like it’s actually going to be that spicy or anything despite the marketing because it’s literally just got a spicy coating on the chicken fillet? You probably want to throw some jalapeños or hot sauce on there to really turn it up a notch Ronald – or at least give the impression that it might be a challenge for the connoisseurs of spice out there and not just a casual gimmick for the summer. It’s £5.49 if you want to be disappointed though.

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