McDonald’s Accused Of ‘Cultural Appropriation’ Over New Jerk Chicken Sandwich

Here we go again.

One of the dumbest ideas of recent years has been the concept of ‘cultural appropriation’, which dictates that you can’t adopt elements of a culture or identity if you’re not a member of said culture or identity.

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So while it’s a bit weird that McDonald’s would release a new Jerk Chicken Sandwich as part of their Christmas menu (seriously, wut?), is it really something to cry about? Sure enough, the recreationally offended have taken to social media to attack the fast food giant over culturally appropriating Jamaican culture. Sigh…


And so on and so forth. I guess restaurants should stop serving pizza and spaghetti too unless they’re Italian. Oh god, imagine if you ate a spaghetti bolognaise at an Italian restaurant run by non-Italians? You would be participating in the evils of cultural appropriation!

If you really want to complain about McDonald’s jerk chicken sandwich, do it properly:

There you go. Complaining about the quality of a burger > complaining about the existence of a burger. You’d have to be living a pretty privileged life to take the time out to do the latter IMO. Aren’t there so many other things you could be worrying about?

Bonus cultural appropriation video – a white boy with dreadlocks gets harassed at school over his haircut:

Can’t we all just get along?

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