Who is the new world leader in fast food?

Official statistics have revealed that McDonald’s is no longer the world’s biggest restaurant chain. Did this have anything to do with Ronald McDonald’s recent kidnapping? Or the quality of their television ads in 1985? Probably not, but if you have any semblance of a soul you are probably as stoked as me that the golden arches might finally be coming crashing down. It’s even more surprising being that I’ve only EVER seen one McDonald’s close down (Harborne High Street, represent).

So what is the world’s most popular restaurant chain now? Is it that hard to guess? Burger King? KFC? No, don’t be stupid. In the ‘health’ obsessed climate we now live in, of course it would be the pioneer of healthy fast food, Subway. Apparently they now have 33, 749 worldwide locations compared with McDonald’s who only have 32, 737. Don’t expect McDonald’s to take this lightly though as plans are already underfoot for them to continue Subway’s international expansion model and take over the Far East/Asia. Subway – who opened its first international restaurant (why either of these places are referred to restaurants in any of the literature on the subject is beyond me though? Srsly? More like holes) – recently opened its 1000th restaurant over there and sees the future of the company in the growth of that particular sector.

To be honest, I think that Subway is probably just as bad as McDonald’s these days. Admittedly that’s a controversial statement, but did you see that documentary on Channel 4 a couple of years ago that went behind the scenes of the sandwich industry and revealed that it was probably just as crappy as the rest of the fast food industry, with Subway the main culprit? Apparently a Meatball Marinara (or Meatball Mania as one drunk guy in front of me in line for a late night Subway once called it) has more salt in it than two Big Macs or something. I used to really like Subway as well, but I found in recent years it has just become more and more woeful – I’m pretty sure the chicken isn’t even real chicken anymore but some kind of gross substitute. I don’t know I haven’t been there for so long. Just go somewhere local or make your own sandwiches. Or maybe get a Gregg’s. If the fact that Subway is now a BIGGER RESTAURANT CHAIN THAN MCDONALD’S isn’t enough evidence that you should stop eating there, I don’t know what is. Fvck the system dude.


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