McDonald’s Are Installing New Technology That Will Prevent Ice Cream Machines From Breaking Down

2020 is finally looking up.

While the world panics about the coronavirus and climate change and what have you, it’s easy to overlook the fact that actually, the world is slowly but surely becoming a better place. Case in point – McDonald’s ice cream machines are finally set to start working once and for all. 

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As covered by Yahoo:

McDonald’s ice cream makers are notorious for being constantly broken down, but the fast food giant’s franchisees are saying there is a new device that will help their employees better manage and tackle any issues with the temperamental machines, according to Business Insider. 

A software company called Kytch has developed a device that the franchisees can add on to their current machines that will be able to correct any minor malfunctions and provide workers with important information when a machine appears to be broken.

The device will attach to the current machines and ensure the automated cleaning cycle is scheduled properly. It can also correct issues caused by human error, like over or under-filling the machine.

Well isn’t that a great bit of news to take home with you today? It’s the little things that make life worth living after all. TBH I always wondered whether the perpetually broken ice cream machine was a legitimate thing or whether McDonald’s employees were just being lazy because no one could be bothered to clean the machine. I guess I was just being cynical. No more driving all the way to McDonald’s just to be told the ice cream machine doesn’t work!

Looks like 2020 is finally picking up. Although some heartbreak yet to come according to the woman who can predict the future with asparagus. Yikes.


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