McDonald’s Just Made Our Dreams Come True By Releasing The Giant McFlurry

McFlurry Party

Let’s all have a McFlurry Party.

Ever finish your McFlurry and wish that you had more?

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Pretty sure everyone has answered yes to that question, and it would seem that our prayers have been answered with the introduction of the McFlurry Party, which is designed to be shared between 2-4 people (but you can probably just eat it all on your own if you’re feeling greedy.) It seems hard to believe anyone would go to McDonald’s with the direct intention of sharing any of their food, doesn’t it?

McFlurry Party 2

Unfortunately, as you’ve probably guessed, the McFlurry Party isn’t actually going to be available in England, like the majority of all the other sick menu items that McDonald’s always seem to bring out in other countries. The good news is that they’re not being trialled somewhere really far away like America or Korea, but right next door to us in France and Spain. Just pop over for the weekend to get some maybe.

The fact that the McFlurry Party started in France and has also moved on to Spain also leads us to believe that it might not be so long until they start showing up over here. We can but hope and we would also like to experience some of the sick McFlurry flavours they have over in France too, with Speculoos and Oreo looking particularly tasty. Sort it out guys.

For more McDonald’s food that isn’t available over here, check out the legend of the 48 McNugget bucket. If only.


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