McDonald’s Is Trying Its Most Drastic Menu Change To Date

Maccy D’s could be going in a whole new direction.

In a totally unprecedented move from the most vilified fast food restaurant in the game, McDonald’s is testing out fresh, never-frozen beef patties at restaurants in Dallas, Texas.

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The test is limited to just 14 restaurants, but could turn out to be the biggest potential change to McDonald’s menus in decades.

For the longest time, McDonald’s has used a network of suppliers who make, freeze and ship their beef patties to 14,000 restaurants in the US alone, so obviously there would be a massive change there if this were to roll out globally one day.

A McDonald’s spokesperson said it’s too early to tell whether the test will be expanded, but it could happen.


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Is this a legit move or just a PR stunt from old Ronald McDonald? Hard to say. I mean yeah I believe they’re using fresh patties now at these restaurants in Dallas but do they actually have plans to execute this in Maccy D’s around the world? Can’t say I buy it.

But still, anything that gets the words “fresh” and “McDonald’s” into the same conversation is a good move for them. Don’t they say they’re going “healthy” every few months now? Sorry McDonald’s, we’re not falling for it (whoops, just did).


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