McDonald’s Forced To Apologise For Making Marijuana Themed Billboard

McDonald's Weed


I would have thought that it was fairly obvious that if you were a franchisee for a major global brand like McDonald’s then it probably wouldn’t have been too useful for you to glamourise drug use in one of your local advertising campaigns, but I suppose everyone isn’t as smart as me.

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Over in New Mexico, one McDonald’s franchise owner decided that he would give it a shot anyway in order to promote their new burrito – sticking up the following advertising placement in Raton, New Mexico:

McDonald's Billboard

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Lol. Whilst I would say that’s a pretty good advert – aside from the fact the burrito looks like absolute trash – of course the higher ups at McDonald’s weren’t that happy about it and have apologised for it and revealed that it’s going to be taken down. No news on just when this will be completed though.

They weren’t just worried about the drug reference in the ad either. Some people were actually sad enough to think that the placement of the banner was political and strategic, arguing that because weed was legal in Colorado it would lead more people to cross over the border to pick it up. Think that’s pushing out the boat a bit, but hey there are people out there who actually think that way, so there’s that.

For more marijuana at McDonald’s, check out this guy smoking weed in a McDonald’s to make a political statement. Deep.


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