Black The Ripper Smokes Weed In London McDonald’s To Make Political Statement

Black The Ripper Smokes Weed McDonald's

“McDonald’s kills more people than marijuana.”

Black The Ripper – a respected UK grime artist apparently – was in the mood to celebrate 4/20 slightly earlier than everyone else and decided to do so by going  into a McDonald’s in central London and smoking up right there and then in the restaurant.

Apparently he was making some kind of vague political statement by doing this, implying that McDonald’s killed more people through making them obese than marijuana ever did. Whilst that might be true, I suspect that Black probably just wanted to smoke up in McDonald’s so he looked like a badass who didn’t give a toss about the rules and does whatever he wants whenever he wants.

And that’s exactly what he ended up looking like – he certainly deals with it better than these 8 year old kids smoking weed in their school bathroom. Black’s even smoking what looks like a blunt which makes him even more of a badman.

Happy 4/20.

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