The ‘McDonald’s Diet’ School Program Did Not Go Down Well


No shit.

Over here at Sick Chirpse we do like to talk about some of the yummy things McDonald’s pump out, like their new garlic fries or the giant Big Mac.

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We also like to point out that while these might be the absolute best snacks to eat when you’re hungover and life is against you, they should only be consumed on a rare occasion because as everyone knows, Maccy D’s is very, very bad for you.

This is perhaps why when the fast food franchise tried to start a nutritional advice school program in the US, whereby they sent a ‘McDonald’s Diet’ brand ambassador to talk to school kids about the benefit of eating chips everyday, it went down like a sack of shit. Well duh.

The program was presented by a guy called John Cisna, who wrote the book ‘My McDonald’s Diet’ where he claims he lost 37 pounds (around 2.5 stone) in 90 days by eating McDonald’s every day. Yeah, probably only because his insides were literally rotting away. His presentation included nutritional advice and a documentary on how he lost the weight.

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Obviously parents, teachers and public health advocates were pissed off at McDonald’s blatant attempt to get kids hooked on shitty fast food and many said it sent confusing messages to kids about burgers and chips being part of a healthy, balanced diet. Due to the backlash, the company has now cut the program and offered the following statement:

John’s currently focused on the opportunities that make the most sense for our brand at this time.

Specifically, as our brand ambassador, John is currently focused on internal and local community events, and he is not appearing at schools.

They also said that the presentation was only meant to teach kids about choice, but critics have stated that it was just a sneaky way to market to young kids. I’m siding with the latter.

I just can’t believe they thought that it would be a good idea and that people would just sit back and let McDonald’s talk to kids about healthy food choices – it would be like getting Donald Trump to talk to children about diversity and acceptance. The fact that this Cisna guy managed to lose weight from eating that shit is a fluke – most of the time it will make you fat, sick and unhealthy.

If you still decide that you want to eat Maccy D’s everyday and you are into the idea of getting fat, then check out our guide to the pros and cons of being a fat fuck.


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