McDonald’s Is Now Selling Chocolate Covered Fries

Chocolate Covered Fries

This isn’t even a joke.

Are you ready for the first ridiculous food trend of 2016? Because it’s right here after McDonald’s have announced that they’re going to sell chocolate covered fries and they’ve also given them the stupidest name ever in the ‘McChoco Potato’. Honestly – it’s not even a freakin’ potato FFS.

McDonald’s are calling the dish – which features a drizzle of both milk and white chocolate sauces on it – an ‘innovation’ and a ‘surprising and unique menu item’. They’re claiming that you can use it for a side with your Big Mac or even save it for dessert. Presumably after you’ve had a portion of fries with your main meal too.

And yeah, they’re definitely official and not a joke, as this tweet confirms:

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Unfortunately, as you might have guessed if you’re a follower of outrageous new food items that get released, the chocolate covered fries won’t be getting released in England any time soon and instead you’re gonna have to travel to Japan to sample them. They’re only available for a limited time only starting January 26th so you’ve still got a little bit of time to save up for a ticket and get over there if you’ve got your heart set on sampling them.

Maybe while you’re over there you can try the 48 McNugget bucket meal too.


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