McDonald’s Are Changing Their Chicken McNuggets Recipe

McDonald's Nuggets


McDonald’s have announced that they’re changing the recipe for their world famous Chicken McNuggets.

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I think most people would agree that the nuggets are probably the best thing on the menu at the fast food chain and just perfect with some BBQ sauce on a hangover. Even if you don’t agree with the BBQ sauce bit, I think you’ll probably still be fairly devastated to hear that they’re changing what can only be described as the perfect formula. Don’t worry so much though, as apparently they’re still going to taste exactly the same.


So why change the recipe then? Well, as I’m sure you’re no doubt aware, McDonald’s is constantly attacked by people for being completely and utterly unhealthy, not to mention a significant contributor to obesity in children (and people in general) so they’re attempting to change this image of themselves.

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They haven’t exactly stated what they’re doing in so many words, but have said that they’re going to replace the artificial preservatives currently used to keep their nuggets fresh with ingredients such as lemon juice and rice starch. I guess that’s a good thing? I don’t really know to be honest. Whatever happens, people are still going to end up buying them I imagine and they’re still not exactly going to be good for you, but that’s the way of the world unfortunately.

Don’t worry though. Just don’t eat them for every meal and definitely don’t eat the 48 McNugget bucket all to yourself and you should be OK.


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