The Poo On The McDonald’s Touchscreens Is All Down To The Customers

Nothing to do with McDonald’s.

People went a bit crazy the other day after exposed that McDonald’s touchscreens were actually covered in poo particles and all manner of other disgusting microbes on them and I suppose people were assuming this was just because McDonald’s was a really gross place to eat, but some people are firing back with a different angle.

Images VIA were following up on their original investigation by talking to Dr Valerie Curtis from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, who had the following to say about what was going on:

There is a film of bacteria on everything we touch and touchscreens are no different but the problem is people who do not wash their hands after the toilet.

People need to realise not washing their hands is not just harmful to them but more importantly is harmful to everyone. And people should just know automatically to wash their hands whenever they eat.

We need to make the issue as important as the push to stop smoking was in society, people were shamed into not smoking because of passive smoking of non-smokers, it is the same with people who do not wash their hands.

This should be a moral cause, people could be blowing their nose, going the toilet and then using touchscreens. People have to realise how important washing their hands with soap is.

I mean yeah I guess she’s trying to hope that this will be a rallying call for people to wash their hands, but in reality I doubt that many people are going to care because even though there’s poo particles on the touchscreens at McDonald’s, people aren’t getting sick from it and people aren’t caring. There’s poo particles literally pretty much everywhere and maybe if everyone washed their hands there might be less, but I’m pretty sure they would still find their way around everywhere. I’m not gonna stress about it, are you?

For another famous British chain with poo particles everywhere, click here. You’ll never guess.


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