Burger King Have Made The Ultimate Snack Brand Hybrid – Mac ‘n Cheetos

Mac n cheetos


In their latest feat, Burger King have teamed up with US snack brand Cheetos in order to make one of the best snack hybrids of all time – Mac ‘n Cheetos.

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The new menu item consists of deep-fried sticks of macaroni and cheese encrusted in Cheetos flavoured breadcrumbs. OK, so that literally sounds like the unhealthiest thing in the world, but I don’t think they have been designed to be eaten on a very regular basis.

Mac n cheetos

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At the moment (surprise, surprise) they’re only going to be available in America at $2.49 for a pack of five. But as always, hopefully this will inspire a UK version – maybe Mac ‘n Wotsits? Doesn’t quite have the same ring to it but you get the idea. Mac ‘n Cheese is the best and I think it is something they should serve in more fast food outlets, so fingers crossed this will be the start of that.

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