McDonald’s Will Serve Breakfast ALL DAY Beginning On October 6th

Life = made.

Fresh off the news they’ll be teaming up with Burger King for a mega burger in the near future, McDonald’s have pulled off one of the all-time fast food power moves by announcing they’ll be serving all-day breakfasts in 14,300 restaurants beginning October 6th.

That means McMuffins, hash browns, hotcakes, sausage burritos etc available ALL DAY LONG — great news for when you wake up hanging at 1PM.

McDonald’s hopes this will help reverse a slum in sales – it’s definitely strange how they didn’t roll this out sooner.

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Oh wait, just one problem though if you’re reading this from anywhere outside the US — all day breakfasts will initially be happening the US only. Fucking bummer.

But… it surely won’t be long until it hits the UK too. You can already get all day breakfasts in Australian McDonald’s. They wouldn’t just leave the UK out, would they? We fucking love McDonald’s over here. Maybe not as much as the Americans but it’s got to count for something when we’ve got this couple in Bristol eating Big Macs at their wedding reception. Come on Maccy D’s, sort us out.


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