McDonald’s Have Added A Double Big Mac To Their Christmas Menu

2020 is saved.

2020 has been a complete shitter for pretty much everyone, but things might be taking an upturn with the news that Trump was voted out of office over the weekend, a possible Coronavirus vaccine is on the horizon and McDonald’s has added a double Big Mac to their Christmas menu. Good things always come in threes, right?

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The double Big Mac is pretty much everything that you would expect it to be just with four patties instead of two alongside lettuce, onions, cheese, pickles and that legendary Big Mac sauce. The burger will be available from every McDonald’s in the country from Wednesday November 18th and will set you back just £4.39 on its own or £5.29 as a meal.

It’s the biggest burger that McDonald’s have ever sold and people are understandably gassed about trying it for the first time:

Yeah, I’m glad people are excited about the Double Big Mac and how it might be turning 2020 around for them, but it kinda looks a bit gross to me? I’m not even sure how you could feasibly fit that big a burger in your mouth without some sort of physical discomfort or cutting it up with a knife and fork like that geezer from The Apprentice who got completely rinsed for it?

Seems a bit problematic on that front for me. Sure, the double Big Mac itself will probably be half the size of the pictures because that’s what always happens in McDonald’s, but even so I think this is gonna be a bit too much.

Think before you buy it – or maybe buy it and save half for your lunch the day after. Just saying. Think about the meat sweats you’ll be faced with afterwards.

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