McDonald’s Is Now Selling Pizza And It Looks Like Pure Filth



Although McDonald’s has made itself famous for its burgers and chips, they’ve now decided branch out by introducing the McPizza. I’m really not sure how I feel about this.

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It’s currently only available in America – Ohio and West Virginia to be precise – but if it proves popular then it could be a permanent fixture on the Maccy’s menu.

And it looks like they’re already halfway there, as it’s proved so popular that fans from around the country have travelled to the destinations to try it.

Apparently McDonald’s sold pizza back in the 80s, but it was removed from the menu in the late 90s because it took 11 minutes to cook, which went against their whole ‘fast food’ policy. However, they might have to overlook the cooking time, as fans have already been going crazy over the return of the McPizza:

I personally don’t really get why people are so excited about it. The pizza looks like utter dogshit. It’s nearly as bad as the time Burger King started selling hot dogs. Stick with what you know.


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