What Happened To MC Devvo?


MC Devvo has been working hard on a new book and is back in the spotlight. He told us about the book and what he’s been up to recently.

Everyone’s favourite Donny Soldier, MC Devvo has been a bit quiet over the last few years. He’s sporadically been releasing videos and doing TV work since he sprung to fame  in 2007 when he released his album From Yorkshire to New York.

He disappeared completely between 2010 to 2012 and vicious rumours began circulating that he had been thrown in jail, committed suicide or was living the high life on an island in the South Pacific; none of which were true.

But genius never dies quietly, and Devvo is back on the scene, having just released a book which promises to be ‘Exactly that book you will of wanted’ and a DVD. He raised money for the book on Kickstarter, hitting his target in 24 hours and eventually raising three times the money he asked for.

I sent Devvo an email asking him about his book and what he’s been up to recently and this was his reply:

            That book is absolutely amazing. To be fair, it didn’t take me long to make but that is because I am a creative genius. An untapped genius that has something to offer this mad as fuck world but isn’t quite sure where I fit in. It is one of those books that will make you chuckle all the way through. A toilet read. But not to say it is only good for the toilet. It’s quality. Hardback. I’ve not scrimped on the quality. Funded by Devvo fans around the world. They are the ones who stumped up £2200 to get it printed. Fucking amazing.

            It took longer than expected to get printed because no one in England would print it. Apparently the printing world is full of Christians and they are well against hand drawn pictures of breasts and willies. I suppose if they have been drawn with pencil then the person must have seen some in real life and then that means they have been doing naughty stuff and god doesn’t like that. Although I reckon god would love a bit of boobs. Watching everyone in the sky all day, he’ll be flicking over to the shower scenes and you have to say why not really.

            What have I been up to? Just chilling really. I got bored of being arsed about getting somewhere. Like getting out of Doncaster. That’s what a bit of TV fame did. It made me want more of this fake crappy world where everyone is a dick to everyone. I was trying to do stuff to make TV people happy and I got bored of it. So I sacked off being in the internets eye. BUT people still have this love for me. I’ve been doing stupid amounts of gigs that I haven’t had to chase. Performing at Edinburgh festival for the whole month in August and generally pissing about. I feel there is unfinished business with the world. People have a love for me. I just gotta work out where I fit in their hearts man. I’m growing up.

MC Devvo is most definitely back on the horse, currently being managed by legendary tour manager (for Snoop Dogg and the Bloodhound Gang), comedian and professional idiot Bob Slayer. You can catch him live at the Edinburgh festival and at gigs all around the country or buy his book, DVD, T-Shirts and watch his videos by clicking here.

Oh, and here’s a video of a young Thomas Turgoose (the kid from This is England) getting all excited when the interviewer asks him about Devvo.


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