Max Payne – maybe my second favourite video game character after Duke Nukem – is back with a new adventure. Bullet time, I missed you.

I’ve mentioned a few times on Sick Chirpse how I don’t really play video games anymore and don’t even own a console these days – I guess it’s just something I’m not that interested in right now. However, I was interested when I heard that Duke Nukem Forever was coming out and ran a couple of pieces on it. I was ultimately disappointed with it though – not because it was sa crap game or anything, but because after all that hype my PC wasn’t even powerful enough to run it so I couldn’t even play it at all because of the massive slowdown I experienced.

However, despite the Duke Nukem fiasco and the lame Mark Wahlberg film that came out a few years ago of the same name, I’m still kinda excited about a new Max Payne game. Even if I’m going to have to buy a new console/PC or find a friend who’s interested in playing it if I’m gonna be able to check it out properly. I guess I’ll probably just enjoy the trailer and let somebody tell me about it or something. Isn’t it weird how video games have trailers now? That never used to happen right?

Anyway, the Max Payne trailer looks pretty dope, although the plotline looks pretty standard it must be said. But that’s ok, it’s a video game, I just want to go into bullet time and dive around shooting loads of people. The plotline about his family dying and that Valkyrie drug taking over the city where the sun never shone and it never stopped snowing wasn’t really that important (although the comic book you got free with Max Payne was pretty cool).

Max ‘ain’t a cop no more’ and is working an underhand protection detail in Sao Paulo, so you know it’s really corrupt and a girl gets kidnapped and ‘here I am again, with all hell breaking loose around another girl I was trying to protect’….blah blah blah whatever we saw Man on Fire and City of God and all those South American crime movies, let’s just get the bullet time and the shooting on the go. Check it. I guess the graphics look good:

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=udF6lgzme-Q’]

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