Watch Matthew McConaughey Hang Out With Snoop Dogg In The First Trailer To ‘The Beach Bum’

Beach Bum

This looks really stupid.

The world of movies is a weird and wonderful place and every now and again a movie like ‘The Beach Bum’ comes along which shows you just how stupid it can get.

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The movie is written and directed by Harmony Korine of ‘Spring Breakers’ infamy, so if you’ve seen that then you can probably tell what this is going to be like: just a bunch of dumb scenes with weird stuff happening that doesn’t really make sense but looks kinda cool and edgy because it’s so out there. ‘The Beach Bum’ stars Matthew McConaughey has a drunk poet and judging by the trailer it looks as though it’s just gonna be him walking around doing wacky shit and hanging around with various famous actors:

Wow. It looks pretty much exactly like I expected it to look and even though I just know that watching it will probably be an extraordinary waste of time and money I do still wanna check it out. I guess that’s how they suck you in. It’s coming out some time next year and I hope I miss the release date so I don’t actually end up going to the cinema to watch it and being disappointed in myself yet again.

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