Matt Hancock Tries To Put Piers Morgan In His Place; Gets Brutally Shut Down

Piers at it again.

We’ve all seen Piers Morgan emerge as one of the heroes of the Coronavirus pandemic and can scarcely believe our eyes as he continues to put politicians in their place over their inept response to the virus and it was no surprise that he pressed on with this narrative on his first day presenting ‘Good Morning Britain’ on a Thursday.

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Morgan was interviewing Health Secretary Matt Hancock and took umbrage at his assertion that Britain was one of the best prepared countries to deal with the pandemic despite having one of the highest death rates in Europe. Hancock tried to talk over him and answer his original question and essentially call him out for being a dickhead, but Piers was having none of it:

Yeah, I’m not really sure how useful it is seeing Piers and Hancock try to talk over each other and throw pithy comments back and forth like that, but I suppose it’s entertaining at least. It’s also way better coverage than the yes men in most media outlets praising the government for their handling of the situation when it could have been far, far superior and has basically been screw up after screw up in comparison with other countries. Long may it continue I suppose.

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