Matt Groening Thinks That There Will Be A Second Simpsons Movie

Does the world really need this?

The Simpsons is one of the longest television series of all time and really is one of the only shows out there that managed to transcend different generations and cultures and will rightly go down in history as one of the all time greats.

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Sure, the show is nowhere near as good as it used to be – I’m kinda surprised that people still tune in to the newer episodes to be honest – but we will always have those old episodes where it truly was ahead and shoulders above the rest of the competition. It could be argued that this popularity peaked 12 years ago with The Simpsons Movie and it looks as though it might be getting a sequel in the near future despite the time between films.

At least this is what series creator Matt Groening was saying over the weekend at San Diego Comic Con:

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No doubt there will be another Simpsons movie one of these days. I think Disney wants something for its money.

This is a true answer. The first Simpsons Movie almost killed us. We didn’t have a B-team waiting to do The Simpsons Movie, so the same people who wrote, animated, voiced and did the music for The Simpsons TV show also did the movie.

That was in 2007. We’re almost recovered, almost.

Well yeah, you would expect Disney to milk everything the can for as much money as they can wouldn’t you? Just maybe let Groening hire some extra people if they decide to do it again hey? Might be nice for them.

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