Maths Teacher Goes In Hard On Student Who Reported Him For Watching Porn In Class (VIDEO)

“I saw something no 13-year-old should ever see in a school.”

A middle school teacher in West Virginia over in the States has been suspended after being filmed berating a student who caught him watching porn during a lesson.

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13-year-old Jeffrey Province was the first student to enter the classroom at East Bank Middle School, and clocked his teacher Mr. Thomas Yohn watching porn on his laptop.

Jeffrey says:

I saw something no 13-year-old should ever see in a school.

Err, what was he watching exactly?! I thought in this day and age most 13-year-olds were already signed up to Pornhub, but it sounds like this fella was pretty disturbed.

The boy grassed Mr. Yohn up to the headmaster, and the teacher responded by barging into his English class later that day to confront him — even accusing the teen of trying to blackmail him. What a creep.

One of his classmates filmed the whole thing:

I’m shocked this guy is even trying to defend himself. I mean I get that he’s pissed if the kid tried to blackmail him, but you probably shouldn’t be watching porn in the school you teach at in the first place.

At the same time, if the blackmail thing is true, surely he’s the idiot for not accepting the deal? Obviously he’s losing his job if the story gets out but if he just sorted this kid out with As and Bs for the rest of the year, he could probably carry on wanking to his heart’s content. Too late now though.


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