Matador Whose Butt Was Destroyed By A Bull Is Now Begging To Get Back In The Ring

Bullfighter Anus Destroyed


Bullfighting is obviously one of the most dangerous sports in the world – if you can even really call it a sport – because the bulls are completely psychotic and there’s a very real danger that you might die or be horrifically injured like the guy in this story.

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His name is Antonio Romero and he’s a bullfighter from Mexico City who unfortunately had his anus completely destroyed by a bull after its horn went right up there and slammed him super hard. You can see footage of the incident below and as is normally the case with these things, it’s certainly not for the faint of heart:

Yeowch. Dr. Rafael Vázquez Bayod said the following of the incident:

Romero has suffered very, very serious damage to his anorectal region.

The bull’s horn‘completely destroyed the anal sphincter and very seriously damaged the rectum.

It was a serious and deep goring approximately 30cm.

Damn. Imagine how having your anal sphincter completely and utterly destroyed would feel – I don’t even really want to think about it.

However, despite the fact that his butt no longer exists, Romero is in good spirits after an operation at the hospital. The incident hasn’t put him off bullfighting either and he is now pledging to return back to the sport once his injuries have healed. I guess he must really love it because if that had happened to me then I wouldn’t be going anywhere near a bull again. Crazy.

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