‘Masturbation Breaks’ Are Set To Be The New Workplace Fad



If you’ve ever had the pleasure of working from home, then you know that jerking off can really help to break up the day as it leaves you coming back fully refreshed and ready to kick some ass.

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Well, it does for me at least and apparently it’s actually a concept that’s backed by psychologists and life coaches. Mark Sergeant, a senior lecturer in psychology at Nottingham Trent University said the following:

A masturbation break would be very effective at work.

It’s a great way to relieve tension and stress.

This was backed up by another psychologist and life coach named Dr Cliff Arnall who states that a masturbation break would be a great reward for workers managing to strike something off their ‘to do list’:


I would expect a masturbation policy to result in more focus, less aggression, higher productivity, and more smiling.

Certainly taking a masturbation break for boredom or an escape would increase work focus.

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Whilst he’s careful to praise the initiative, Arnall does note that there are some potential drawbacks to it as well, mainly concerning about how long it would take/whether or not the individual will be able to orgasm or not. I can understand that being a problem if you take half an hour to blow your load, as it’s gonna annoy someone who can do it in five minutes.

The idea could also lead to increased sexual harassment and inappropriateness in the workplace, and Arnall also notes that it’s essential that people are quiet and discreet when they relieve themselves too. But overall he thinks it’s a good idea to introduce an official masturbation break and would love to test it out and check out the results. Sounds like a bit of a dirty dude to me, but we’ll believe it’s for official research for now.


In a recent survey, it turns out that 40% of New Yorkers wank whilst they’re on the job in any case, so a lot of people are already doing it. Not sure if the same can be said over here as we tend to be slightly more prudish, but I dare say a few of you reading this have done. Some articles on the subject are even describing the office wank as the new ‘smoke break’.

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I doubt that it will ever come into official practice in our lifetime, but maybe if you’re feeling bored and want a break you should try it out for yourself and see what happens. Can’t hurt, can it? Just make sure you’re careful OK?

For more masturbation, check out how masturbating regularly can also improve your health. So many benefits.



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