A Massive Bag Of Dildos Has Been Found In A Small Village In Somerset

Nobody is claiming them.

It’s not every day you walk down the street in your local village and see a massive bag full of dildos on the floor and that’s why Richard Lees’ discovery is making such massive waves.

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Richard Lees spotted the ripped open bag of at least ten dildos outside the branch of Natwest in the town of Bridgwater, Somerset. The bag had clearly been split open from the duress of having got hold so many dildos within it and the person holding it clearly couldn’t deal with the embarrassment of everyone knowing that they were carrying around ten different styles of vibrator with them, so just ran off and left them there in the middle of the street. Sounds like an expensive and kinda environmental mistake there hey?


Lees posted about the dildos in a Facebook group called The Bridgwater Bullet and before long the picture had gone viral as people questioned who had lost their dildos and hightailed into the sunrise without them, leaving them to fester on the floor of Bridgwater for all of eternity. It didn’t seem like anyone was too keen to own up it and I imagine they’ll probably be even less so now the whole internet has started talking about it – and to be fair in a quiet town like Bridgwater where everyone knows everyone else, it might be a good idea to keep your mouth shut about something as salacious as this.

Maybe in a couple of days we might be able to find the identity of the culprit, but I really feel like this might be one of those unsolved mysteries we’ll never get to the bottom of. So it goes.

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