Massive Anaconda Spotted In Brazil Still Digesting A Huge Feast In Its Stomach


Dinner time.

We all know there are some completely messed up things going on in the Brazilian jungle – who can forget this snake that looks like a giant penis for example? – but this is pretty terrifying.

You probably saw the terrible movie Anaconda with Ice Cube back when you were a kid but I never even thought they were actually real. This video proves they are and it also proves that they’re even more deadly than I could ever have imagined.

Some Brazilian guys are taking a boat down some river when they spot an absolutely humongous one. That’s scary enough, but then when you see how big its stomach is it takes on a whole new meaning of fear. I never wanna be anywhere near one of these fuckers because the thought of being eaten alive by one wants to make me vomit.

The jungle sucks – but there are probably even scarier creatures found in the depths of the ocean.


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