Watch A Mass Brawl Erupt After Paedo Hunting Mission Goes Horribly Wrong

Mass Brawl

The sh*t really hits the fan.

The internet is awash now with videos of paedophile hunting groups confronting men they believe to be paedophiles, and whilst these are usually fairly awkward encounters, every now and again the shit really hits the fan like in the video below.

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The footage comes from Kent based paedophile hunting group ‘The Hunted One’ (cool name?) after they decided to Facebook Live their confrontation with a 29-year-old man in Bluewater Shopping Centre yesterday. They cornered the man and started questioning him about grooming a 14-year-old online, but when the guy said that the girl had told him she was 18, another guy in a red shirt punches him in the face. Then it all kicks off and the shopping mall security step in, before the cops eventually show up:

You can watch the full 17 minute live stream below, but it only really gets good towards the last few minutes:

Ouch. Maybe these guys shouldn’t bring along people who are obviously emotionally invested next time huh?

Detective Chief Inspector Emma Banks, of Kent Police admitted that the man was eventually arrested:

The arrested man is in custody. Police are also investigating a disturbance which took place in connection with this incident.

I strongly discourage people taking the law into their own hands to avoid them and others including individuals which may have been wrongfully identified, being put in any danger.

Any acts of violence reported will always be fully investigated and enquiries into this incident are ongoing.

However, despite this ‘victory’, The Hunted One today announced that they would cease to be functioning as an organisation. They denied that this had anything to do with any ongoing cases, but seeing the attention that this video has garnered, it would be fairly naive to think that the two incidents weren’t connected. I’m sure there are enough online paedophile hunting groups out there to keep us entertained though, so it’s probably not that big a deal in the grand scheme of things.

For more paedophile confrontations, check out what happens in Russia in the same situation. Way worse than this.


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