Watch A Mass Brawl Break Out In The Middle Of Ugandan Parliament

Parliament Brawl

It’s often said that politics resembles a boxing match, but it’s very rare that we actually see a mass brawl break out in the middle of Parliament, which is with video below is so great.

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It comes from Ugandan Parliament, where a mass brawl broke out between literally everyone sitting there over the issue of President Yoweri Museveni trying to extend his rule over the country even further by trying to change the law. Museveni has already been in power in the country for the past 31 years, so clearly some people in the government weren’t happy about his plan and decided to protest it by beating the absolute crap out of each other with steel chairs in the Houses Of Parliament.

Some guy has overdubbed WWE commentary over it which sounds like it’s a good idea, but it doesn’t really fit with what’s happening so ends up coming across as kind of a stupid move

Man, that escalated quickly. I’m not really sure what’s going on for most of the video but it looks pretty damn intense and it’s clear that these guys either really do or really don’t want Museveni in power.

Favourite part is definitely when some guy throws a chair across the room in the first minute and the guy on the other side just catches it in his hands. No big deal.

For more Parliamentary brawls, check out this one from Turkey. Happening all over the place in these turbulent times I guess.


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