Former WWF Wrestler Marty Jannetty Follows Up Murder Confession With Controversial Post About Race Issues

Marty Jannetty has done it again.

When you’ve already shared Facebook statuses about wanting to shag your daughter and confessed to murdering a man when you were 13, it’s never going to be easy coming up with something else to match the shock value of those two statements.

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Former WWF/E wrestler Marty Jannetty has given it a try however, by sharing his own controversial take on Black Lives Matter and race issues in America. Not that anyone asked…

Wow. How much crystal meth did Marty Jannetty smoke before writing that status? Love how he dropped the classic “I have black friends” line and then topped it off with “I have a lot of black girlfriends”. Surely there’s someone in Marty’s life who cares about him enough to take away his phone and computer at this point? Just an absolute train wreck of a human.

Oh well, at least he only murdered making sense this time and not an actual human being. I swear the guy just hasn’t been right in the head ever since Shawn Michaels superkicked him through the barber shop window:

Who knew that was a face turn after all?

P.S. Remember the song ‘Marty Jannetty’ from Action Bronson & Wiz Khalifa? Kinda dope:

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