White German Woman Has ‘Chemical Tan’ With Hopes Of Becoming A Black Model



There are a lot of people out there that claim to be born in the wrong body, and everyone seems to be doing their best to help them be comfortable in their own skin these days.

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A German woman called Martina Adam decided that in her quest to become a model it would be more advantageous for her to have black skin rather than white skin, and also humongous boobs.

She calls herself ‘Martina Big’ on her Facebook page and explains the processes she’s been going through for the past few months – that began with a intense tanning project at the start of the year – alongside some videos:

This medical treatment increased my body’s melatonin production.

I love my new ebony look very much.

Therefore, I’m currently testing various things to emphasize my exotic look.

My transformation to a black woman continues.

I already bought me beautiful, long black natural hair, with afro curls.

Soon I let my blond hair colour change into black and get African curls in my hair.

Then comes the hair extensions with African natural hair.

After that I have an appointment with my surgeon.


Well, whatever makes you feel good I suppose, who am I to judge? Not really sure why anyone would want to change skin colour or look as weird as Martina looks, but hey if that’s what she wants to do then I guess she should just go for it. The best of luck to her I suppose, especially with getting a new passport. Apparently people weren’t letting her travel because she was white in her photograph and is now black. Probably should have thought that one through.

For more of the same, here’s a white man who reckons he turned black after a liver transplant. Not convinced personally.



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