Martin Shkreli Is Refusing To Stop Making Memes Of Harambe The Gorilla

Shkreli, former CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals LLC, is sworn in to testify on Capitol Hill in Washington

This guy won’t ever quit.

Martin Shkreli is one of the most hated people on the internet and it seems like he gets off on it and every single one of his moves is designed to make people think he’s even more of a prick. I kind of appreciate it to be honest.

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Anyway, his latest stunt is to overrule the Cincinnati Zoo’s request that people stop making and sharing memes about their gorilla that was shot by a zookeeper, as it’s not enabling them to move on. The official statement from the zoo’s director Thane Maynard goes like this:

We are not amused by the memes, petitions and signs about Harambe.

Our zoo family is still healing, and the constant mention of Harambe makes moving forward more difficult for us.

We are honouring Harambe by redoubling our gorilla conservation efforts and encouraging others to join us.

Shkreli wasn’t impressed though, replying with the following tweets:

Well, I mean he certainly didn’t mince his words did he? But like I said it’s just the kind of crap we expect from this class A troll these days isn’t it? Like he gives a shit about gorillas and monkeys and other ‘non human primates’ – he’s just a fucking dickhead. Can’t wait to see what he comes up with next.

Did that musical about him ever end up getting made?


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