Married Mum Suffers Brutal Death After Getting Black Market Butt Injections To Look Like Kim K

Definitely not worth it.

It seems like every other day another woman comes out to announce how she’s willing to risk her life to get a butt like the walking trashpile Kim Kardashian.

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However, sadly not all of these women can afford top quality cosmetic surgery, which was the case for Latesha Bynum, a mum from New York, who was pumped with toxic material to enlarge her behind.

Latesha Bynum

According to police sources, Bynum started to suffer intense chest pain and dizziness 12 days after receiving the black market butt injections in a Manhattan apartment.

She called the emergency services at around 11pm on Thursday and was rushed to Mount Sinai St Luke’s hospital. She was pronounced brain dead and was later taken off life support.

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Neighbour Michael Desouza of the complex where the procedure took place said:

I know a few people in this building, and I can’t think of anyone that would do such a thing. Nice people in here.

Police are now investigating the death but have declined to say whether anyone has been arrested. It probably won’t be too long until they figure out who was the one running this dodgy operation.

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I just think it’s such a sad state of affairs that women are risking their lives purely to have a bigger butt. Seriously, no aesthetic feature is worth that – and it’s even more tragic that she left behind kids.

Hopefully this woman who is on the same path reads this story and stops before it’s too late.


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